We ship any safe port worldwide. For selected items and goods, we even air-ship. 

We provide free samples. 

Shipping samples aywhere in the Europe is free. 

For the rest of the world, buyer is responsible for shipping cost. However, we deduct that cost from your first full order. 

For your convienece we arrange FOB:

– Thessaloniki, Greece

– Athens, Piraeus, Greece

– Durres, Albania

– Ploce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We also arrange CNF or CIF terms to any safe port in the world. 


50% upon order 

50% upon shipping documents 


– your advance is secured by until goods are inspected and loaded

– in case of fault of manufacturers your funds are refunded 100%

– you pay less in comparisson to LC and Escrow

In case you prefer LC over TT, we do accept LC. 

However, due to high charges for processing LC by local banks, the quoted items will cost a bit more if you chose this payment method.

To ensure safety of all parties involved we do not ship merchadize on credit. However, if you are uncomfortable with advance, or don’t like extra charges for LC, we do offer payment upon scanned or original documents backed by bank guarantee from a reputable banking institution. 

To ensure maximum convinience for clients we also accept escrow payment options in rare instances.